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Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
So how many are gonna re-roll a KDF toon to play those rewashed fed missions ?
...and the handful of new ones that legitimize the future neglect the KDF will suffer for the the Romulan content development ?
I fully intend to re-roll a KDF, I just still have my doubts wheather it should be a Klingon science officer or a Nausicaan pirate.

And I don't think anyone will suffer from neglect any longer at least when talking about content and things to do. Sure, the KDF and the RR might get less ships annualy than the Feds., but that doesn't necessarily trouble me much as long as we and the Rommies get them on regular basis. Hell, we have ship disparity now and yet my KDF ships never failed to get the job done.
But, talking about content, I don't think any faction will suffer a particular drought after LoR. The devs. have been busy, they rearanged the whole storyline in STO up till a moment when all factions content is intertwined so every faction can have it's bit of uniqueness and different pov on things, but the end game is mutual and so will be the following content.

Anyway, I really like what I'm seeing here and I can't wait to try out all of it. It feels so nice to see the KDF getting better treatment and starting to shape up as a full faction.
Exciting times to be a part of STO!
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