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04-09-2013, 12:30 PM
I'll be honest. Im a Elitist.
We aren't that bad, we can get a little aggressive when we wanna tell u what is better to use. For instance, Phaser>Tet. Ive actualy had ppl argue with me over energytypes saying X is better then Y. With Absolutly no proof. The second I provide math /ignore.

And as an elitist. if you are trying OK. Ppl who need to be carried, if they speak up, say they aren't geared, or havnt done it b4. Ill probably carry their weight. I have a problem when, someone comes in, and just follows the group, doesn't res anyone, doesn't talk, doesn't Do anything except randomly fire at things. Then when I say, Does everyone know how to beat the boss. Then the 1 guy who did nothing the whole match just starts yelling at me for asking.

That has happened 5 times atleast.

Moral of the Story: Elitists aren't mean, unless, ur not doing enough. When someone stops for no reason to start yelling, they aren't an elitist. They are an a******, who doesn't know how to play. A lot of elitists know info and are pretty chill unless ur just doing nothing. Ill be honest, I love a guy who needs to be carried, and is honest about it. It makes it a little harder, more fun for me, and generally, it isn't a big deal.