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# 1 "pinning" bug
04-09-2013, 01:39 PM
is ruining a brels advantage. i will not get into how to do it, though most people seem to already know anyway. the b rels advantage is that when exposed to fire an enemy player needs to re target the brel, most times when not knowing what directioon or when they are coming makes this very difficult.

with the "pinning" exploit players simply pin the brel one time, and whilst in cloak still have them "targetted" so they have a target on the brel as soon as its exposed again, no matter where they pop up and they just spam attack. you know who is doing this because the nanosecond you decloak you are targetted with fomm and are being beamed.

needs to be fixed, as this ruins the b rels special ability of a super ambusher. that on top of breen nerf has severly hampered b rel gameplay.