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Originally Posted by tamujiin View Post
Obviously you cannot understand a few things here, person who seems to back this idiotic form of "moderation".

I linked an item in ZONE chat TWICE and have been silenced for it for like the 10th time, quit reading to much into what someone says, you are just wasting digi space.

If ME linking an item twice is frowned upon, the other 27,000 people doing it AT The SAME time and not getting silenced is bull.

I see you are trying to explain this, form of moderation. I think it is dumb. and by a few other postsers here, they think it is dumb as well. if this gets under your skin people complaining about it, maybe you shouldnt respond, and move along. It is an assinine system they have in place. They need to get rid of it, plain and simple.

Have i been silenced for other things? Yes i have been. have i learned my lesson not to do it? Of course.

This system is plain stupid. I have played many other MMO's, that didnt have such a frustrating system in place.

Crytpic should be smart and do away with it.
Cryptic should make changes -- I think a ton of people have said as much in this thread, including myself (most notably: make it so you can still mail, PM, and talk to friends and fleet).

Keep in mind that when you're silenced it's because a certain number of people put you on ignore within a time window -- you may have done some things earlier that got you a number of ignores, and the time you double linked an item in zone chat was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. Ten times is a very large amount. I've actually never personally heard of anyone being silenced more than 3 times ever. As you pointed out, people link items all the time in zone chat -- either they're all getting silenced as well or they're not getting a sufficient number of people to ignore them to get them silenced.

Perhaps you should follow your own advice: "if this gets under your skin people complaining about it, maybe you shouldnt respond, and move along."
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