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Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
I fully intend to re-roll a KDF, I just still have my doubts wheather it should be a Klingon science officer or a Nausicaan pirate.

Ya, sorry if I was so negative but something cosmic1 said yesterday is slowly sinking in and eroding what little hope I've been clinging to that STO will become the game I've imagined it has the potential to be. Notice I said game. My hope for a quailty sim has evaporated overnight with the knowledge the STO shares noting but a name with Star Trek canon. Romulans do nothing for me nor does the bottom filling of remastered fed missions into the toon leveling scheme.
What bothers me is the complete lack of end-game additions and the homogination of any and all faction specific hardware as well as any dev thinking my gaming experience will miraculously become joyful again when I start another character from scratch.
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