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04-09-2013, 01:40 PM
My personal tastes actually lead away from mines, just because there are so many AOE's out there they get destroyed before getting a chance to even become active.

My loadout;

tac1, spread2, spread3, beta 3
sci1, tss2, grav well
eng1, auxsif1
polhull1, haz2

... I think I got that all right... I'm working from memory at the moment.


my front weapons vay depending on the situation. I have four quants, four plas, four chrons, and three trannies with the breen cluster. In the back I run a har'peng and bio neural. And of course enhanced with three puple torp officers so I can fire with impunity. I hav the peng and neural on the aft because they have a long cooldown and get used less often because of it. this way I can whip around with that fantastic turn rate, let them fly, then come about and right back to launching a torp evry second.

The first two bridge officer slots i swap out as well depending on the need. usually it's just a trade to have well 3 to replace beta 3. or go get in a tykens or a particle/photonic combo going. Or of course a scramble sensors to be a nuiscance. ^_^

I'm also looking to get my hands on the reman and omega plasma torps to compare their performances. (four each of course... ugh SO much grinding!)

With that I run the full KHG mk xii for the torp boosts, and of course the appropriate set of torp consoles for whatever type I'm using at the time.

I precharge spread 3 and 2, wait until the last five seconds, fire them off, then activate and launch another torp 3 under full tac toon buffs. it spreads out some lovely spikes of damage. The rest is team support and enemy harassment.
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