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04-09-2013, 01:54 PM
Disclaimer #1: I don't fly a B'rel.
Disclaimer #2: I don't fly this build on another BoP/ship.
Disclaimer #3: I'm kind of bored.
Disclaimer #4: LoR's not out yet.
Disclaimer #5: Lol, it's me.

Fleet B'rel Retrofit with Alien Sci Captain

Traits - Accurate, Elusive, Efficient Captain, Warp Theorist, Astrophysicist, Techie, Photonic Capacitor, Conservation of Energy, random ground trait

New Rom - Precision, Sensor Targeting Assault, (Quantum Singularity Manipulation)
Omega - Omega Weapon Training, Omega Graviton Amplifier
Nukara - Fortified Hull, Auxiliary Power Configuration - Offense, (Refracting Tetryon Cascade)


JS1, HE2

BOFF Species/Traits - 2x Operative, 2x Subterfuge

DOFFs - 3x PWO(Torp), SO(Scan), SO(Jam)

Deflector - KHG Mk XII
Engine - Aegis
Shield - KHG Mk XII
Core - Overcharged Mk X [SEP][A->E] *

*whatever the Mk XII VR/UR version is, eh? Mk X Rare gives +5 Max Aux, +15 Engine Performance, Aux Power boosts Engine Power.

Fore - Chron Torp Mk XII [Acc][CrtH]x2, Torp, Hyper-Plasma Torp, Hargh'peng Torp, Thermionic Torp
Aft - Nukara Web Mine, Temporal Disruption Device

Tac - 3x Warhead Mk XII
Eng - Tachyo, Rule 62, Nadeon, Theta/AMS/Nukara
Sci - Iso, 0Point, Borg

Devices - SFM, Eng Batt

Disclaimer #6: There are 5 Disclaimers at the top of the post - I recommend reading them.

Disclaimer #7: In thinking about it, I'd rather go with the Fleet Norgh - drop the Rule 62 console and add a GW1 at LCdr Sci - also dropping either the SO(Scan) or the SO(Jam) for a GSO(GW).

Disclaimer #8: Disclaimer #7 in no way invalidates Disclaimers #1-6.

Disclaimer #9: BTW, I fly a Sci Hegh'ta with 4 Sci BOFFs. In case you missed #5 up there.

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