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04-09-2013, 02:10 PM
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So I went on my KDF to look at some of the new missions we are getting. Most of them are junky ones with the crap of all crap loot fed missions. Hell Forging Bonds is just a repeat of Gates Of Gre'Thor loot. What would be nice is if these missions could come to the KDF. they come with good loot that isn't avalible to the KDF yet and I feel would be all the Copypasta'ing that needs to be done.
not to mention.... but some missions have some horrible spoilers... like you see CurrentShipName] and sometimes you can't even complete the mission... Like CUlative Strike or something on the Borg MIssions..... you can't do anything past trying to escort Colonist shuttles out.... cant comeplete

(The Text Problem we Found in a Cardasssian Mission Intro _____ (Will Enter When Back Online)
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