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Originally Posted by beefsupreme79 View Post
again, how are you stripping sheilds with quantums....are you using all quantums? etc

do tell, as im finding trans pretty lacking at this point. if ound the breen worked wonders and caused extreme rage because of people huge investment in sheild stacking. by bypassing that, it gave many hours of rage joyfullness.
Phasics don't do enough punch to kill anyone that is planning to tank you anyway... really how often have you solo killed anyone with phasics.... not often I would bet unless you catch them with bugged cluster mega crits.
With the torps alone ? not often I am betting

Run something like this

TSS 1 - Pol 2 - Tac 3 - CPB 3
Tac Team 1 - HY 2 - HY 3
Jam 1 - hazards 2
EPTS 1 - Aux to Damp 1

3 Quants + Peng / Time Torp / Tric (don't use that often anymore whats the point)
1 Mine + Peng / Cluster / Time Torp

Will the strip work against everyone... no... will it work against most yes.

Do you attack every engi cruiser you see at 100%.... no.

Do you wait for them to engage someone else and be at 25% shielding... yes.

Do you wait till someone else pops a facing for them and spit 7 quantums into that facing... yes.

Honestly you will be shocked how often a strong strip build still works. Many people are not 9 in insulators... and frankly even if they are they still only get a 50% reduction, that means you are still stripping 4-5k in shielding.

Be a proper bop pilot don't engage till its in your favor.

The advantage of quantums is when you attack someone that is ripe... they will DIE. There is no limping away from a HY quantum from a rigged up brel... on my fully Oped B'rel my quantum dmg is over 8k unbuffed. Even with a facing up I think I'm doing 90% of the dmg to hull your getting out of phasics anyway.