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Be a proper bop pilot don't engage till its in your favor.
This. Definitely this. This is the first thing you learn when you fly BoPs. . .you can't kill everything by yourself. It's all about timing. Sure, I could probably kill SOME cruisers with a decloak alphastrike attack, if they're piloted by bad players. . .but normally I just wait until the heavier ships have it in tanking mode, and then exploit a gap in their defenses. 2 seconds is usually all I need to drive a BO2 and HY3 combo into 'em at close range. The same goes for most other ships. . .the Bop can't really tangle with Federation escorts 1v1 unless it's a bad build or a bad player. Federation sci ships shield tank too well for one BoP to take them down in a fight. I can get close, but usually it's more trouble than its worth.

That's why in Ker'rat, you always see BoPs working in concert. 2-3 BoPs harassing a single target, trying to find a gap in its defenses to exploit. The BoP has effectively been shoehorned into that role. . .the only other viable role is as a makeshift sci-spammer/healboat, and you don't get the tanking abilities that come with sci ships and cruisers.