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...welfare epic...
...and there we have it. You, as an individual player, are not an arbiter -- let alone the final one -- of who has earned anything, whatsoever, in this game. Definitely not wherein developers have clearly laid out a system in which an arbitrary amount of time and effort put forth by a player, regardless of who that player is or how they have chosen to play, will reward the player and thereby the developers are the final arbiters of who earns what.

And, not even in the wildest dreams of any "hardcore" player, in a system in which rewards are determined wholly by random number generation. Especially when that system yields a potential consequence of a player riding the coattails of others, not even contributing enough to justify their presence, and simply getting lucky over others who have put hours and great effort into their group contribution and character(s). Especially when the corollary to that is the former player is said, by those among the player base who have the hubris to presume themselves arbiters of player worthiness, to have actually earned that item over the latter.

You know, when I raided in WoW, I had one job and one job alone. That job was to sit in the back of the raid, decurse, and whispercast five-minute blessings to others. Two buttons, that each executed scripts in-game. No skill, I didn't even have to be paying attention (and in fact I rarely did, I alternated between pushing the comma and period keys while watching TV), and a bot program could frankly have done my job more efficiently and quicker in every situation but the exceedingly rare opportunity for me to push a third key -- Divine Intervention with an auto-target argument for my designated priest.

I didn't "earn" a single damn purple my paladin wore, yet time and again I'd get loot priority over ret paladins in the raid who absolutely busted their ass learning boss fight mechanics and theorycraft, crunching numbers nonstop, and putting that extra mile into their characters to reliably get in the top 5 DPS over hunters and rogues who were doing the same repetitive, absolutely mindless, two-button tango I did as the "decurse bot". Yet time and again, I'd get mad props for not letting any debuff sit on a player, or buff fall off a player, for longer than a global cooldown cycle, and told I'd "earned" every piece of gear my toon wore...none of which actually mattered, since I could have cleansed and blessed naked without a single performance hit. By the same people who later railed against "welfare epics" as if rolling high on a need roll is somehow a magical form of entitlement no other player in the game has, no matter the effort, knowhow, time, or consideration they put into their play.

Don't even attempt to lecture me on who earns (or doesn't earn) a damn thing in a game. I think we're done here.