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Originally Posted by voxlagind View Post
From my own experiences with A2B on a variety of ships, I've come to the following opinions:

1) An A2B ship must have RSP and abilities which give resistance. If you don't have RSP, the other heals will rarely keep you alive for more than a minute. If you don't have resistances, you won't survive between the RSP windows. Direct heals won't usually work, even with the EPtA trick. Your opponents will rarely be kind enough to attack you only when it's conveniently between EPtS uses. If you bank on self generated auxiliary power heals, you'll be dead.

2) There is an optimal number of tactical abilities on an A2B ship. Two tactical bridge officer abilities is too few. Six tactical bridge officer abilities is too many. For this reason, most escorts are poor choices for A2B builds. It also makes most cruisers poor choices, especially ones which have 2 ensign tactical abilities. The only FED ships I've ever seen do it really well are the Reagent (+fleet variant), Excelsior (+fleet variant), Galor, D'Kora, Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier, and Chimera. While others can assume the role, they hardly perform the job as well.

Again, these are just my opinions.
#1 depends on if you're using 1 or 2 copies of Aux2Batt. If it's just 1 it really isn't much effort to keep aux up at all. For 2 it's more how to read the situation, if you're under ff and you have defensive Boffs up, don't aux2batt and go to a high aux preset before using boffs. If you're pushing for a kill or are trying to get defensive boffs to cycle go to a low aux preset, then aux2batt (don't have aux be @ it's lowest w/your prefered default preset).

RSP is nice b/c it gives you the effect of 2 copies. Even RSP1 is very good when used w/a shield battery.

Resists are always nice (most Boff based heals have a nice resist boost too), not sure what you mean by self generated power heals? Are you refering to Boff powers, or passives?

#2 Sci B'rel can work fine w/single aux2batt depending on Boff power choices and doesn't require any tac, though I'd recommend 1 for TT to clear Fomm.

Also, I mentioned in another thread, but figure I should repeat here. When spec'ing/equiping into EPS the gains from switching power levels happend quickly. The drains slow down. Be carefull when going to a low aux setting w/intention of using Aux2batt. If aux2batt used while the drain is still taking effect it will nuke the aux entirely in most cases. For example if going from 100 -> 25 and aux2batt used @ 50 power followed by epta, w/say 20 gain, the net wouldn't be 30 power, but seems to be -45 + 25 for -20 aux since 50 to 5 is -45 and 5+20 is 25.
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