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Well, previously, I hadn't really had an "avatar" for her yet. I thought it might lead to some interesting interactions with the crew. Rather than talking to her over the intercom, I thought it would give her a unique perspective, with her not only being the ship itself, but also now seeming more like a member of the crew as well. I believe where I wrote the retrofit for the ship-wide holo projectors in the supplement I wrote to my Lone Drone entry. I'd have to check to be for certain. Anyway, as I said, feel free to use my idea I'd take it as more of a compliment than anything if you were to do that.
Ahh, that might've just been me misreading then... I'd always envisaged Athena as having a holographic presence, so when I read 'new', (and given how I figured Claire would go for the most statistically common appearance) I thought she might have chosen to alter her appearance And absolutely, I'll be sure to feature Claire in future LCs where the opportunity presents itself Next on my 'to do list' is a little 'in between' bridging piece before the next LC is presented...