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04-09-2013, 04:40 PM
Originally Posted by blassreiterus View Post
You don't know that, you may have the feeling, but they're going to be releasing Klingon and Romulan game play at the end of the month/beginning of May. That'll give the expansion enough time, since you can test every day with the faction, also, how do you know that they're not getting any feedback on some of the expansion that's already on Tribble? You know, like the UI elements, Tailor, and other such items?
*Sigh* I give up

Each game has its own social climates its own does , donts and we dont care anyways and i already see that testing on this game is taken with a grain of salt.

So why should i care if no one else does i actually thought this was serious testing not a bunch of people acting like 5 year olds getting to play with a new toy first on their block.

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