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04-09-2013, 05:49 PM
Originally Posted by messahla View Post
I am getting the feeling cryptic is going to release LoR AS IS with all the bugs included we have just over a month before release and still no romulans or klings for that matter.

Time is running out and if full testing on LoR doesnt start soon there wont be enough time to fix all the issues and bugs that will come with this enormous expansion.
by my calculation, we have a little under a month and a half. That is hardly "just over a month". I am just as excited as anyone to roll a Romulan, but clearly from feedback I am seeing, Other elements in the expansion need some tweeking. And lets not forget, Klingons don't need to test nearly as much. Only about half the episodes (I am guessing here, haven't actually counted) are new. The rest presumably don't have any bugs that need to be found (since you didn't mess with them). So really there is still plenty of time to get everything fix.

And look at all the fixing they have done already.