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My response, copied from another thread.
Originally Posted by millimidget View Post
You're putting in the time either way.

It's not like removing the timers would remove the grind. You still need to grind however many thousands of marks per rep faction.

You're just no longer being forced to log in once a day for 30-50 days. You're actually free to approach the system in a way which suits your gaming schedule. And if your schedule dictates you can only log in for 15-30 minutes per day each day every day, then good for you, because you're free to do that too.
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...and there we have it. You, as an individual player, are not an arbiter -- let alone the final one -- of who has earned anything, whatsoever, in this game. Definitely not wherein developers have clearly laid out a system in which an arbitrary amount of time and effort put forth by a player, regardless of who that player is or how they have chosen to play, will reward the player and thereby the developers are the final arbiters of who earns what.
Showing up ten times and collecting tokens to buy loot is quite different from having the loot drop from a given boss.

And why in the world can't both systems be used in tandem?

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I didn't "earn" a single damn purple my paladin wore, yet time and again I'd get loot priority over ret paladins
How your guild distributed loot is relevant to anything?

If I put in 20 hours into maxing out a reputation grind, what difference does it make if I put in the grind over 2-3 play sessions, versus twenty minutes a day for 60 days? If the former system is so inadequate for failing to meet your needs, how is this system any better for failing to meet my needs?

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Don't even attempt to lecture me on who earns (or doesn't earn) a damn thing in a game. I think we're done here.
At least I'm trying to discuss an issue, rather than telling you to just leave the game as some other posters might.

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