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04-09-2013, 05:03 PM
I have probably played every type or version of Star Trek since the early '80s. Thank goodness for technology because cell phones have improved (Thank you Mr. Roddenbarry with the flip open communicator) and the game concept (STO) has most certainly improved. I have been a member since day one of this game and it continues to improve. Oh yes the support team can leave alot to be desired at time but so has our partners in our real life as well.
I may have written this before but like it or not the Feds are the star actors and all other species are the supporting cast. Instead of whinning about what you don't have and alienating the staff who creates this stuff, get together and ask for things to enhance the "realness" of the experience. No don't ask for torpedoes that blow up planets but maybe more interactions; which for those of you who haven't noticed, they are starting to do more of.
Point is quit your complaining and help to make this a better experience.

Just saying