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Ahh, that might've just been me misreading then... I'd always envisaged Athena as having a holographic presence, so when I read 'new', (and given how I figured Claire would go for the most statistically common appearance) I thought she might have chosen to alter her appearance And absolutely, I'll be sure to feature Claire in future LCs where the opportunity presents itself Next on my 'to do list' is a little 'in between' bridging piece before the next LC is presented...
You're not the only one with a to-do list Mine (at present) consists of:

Bryan's parent's racism
Bryan's half-sister (NOT saying anything about that one at present. Read, and you shall see)
Write more about the crew off-the-clock
Give some more details about Bryan's affinity for tactics

The list goes on, but I can't say much more without spoiling to much. I fear mentioning the second plot may have been, but alas, I cannot change what I say. Well, actually, the edit feature allows me to do just that. Eh, I'll just leave it for now
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