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So last month I thought it would be interesting to do Terradome again and a month later I still haven't got a team together for it. I don't know if it's a population problem or the mission intimidates most folks, I do know this mission needs to be added to the STF's and made a joint Fed/KDF endeavor. Ya I know it blurs the lines in the sand between the two factions but it's starting to appear as if I'm not going to be able to run this mission again in my lifetime. And I happen to like this mission and if we run it with the Feds we get the opportunity to point and say, "See we told you so!"

It's also almost impossible to run the Big Dig or Breaking the Planet. These also need to be reworked and made Fed/KDF co-op play. instead of Romulans make the enemies demons, we already have a big demon at the top. And the enemies for breaking the planet could be Breen.