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04-09-2013, 05:57 PM
Here are some thoughts from Fleet XO Kheren regarding RP:

"The greatest fun of RP, be it in forum form as here or the more classical tabletop format or even LARP (Live Action Role Playing), is to build an imaginary personality and biography and make it a moving part of an ongoing story, with main plot elements (like finding a solution to the plot) as well as little details on the side (like things from personal flashbacks to thoughts, dreams. personal logs etc).

Our Lotus Fleet Star Trek roleplaying format is most ideal for this: instead of having random individualistic and unrelated characters haphazardly meeting in a tavern for some supposedly common goal (the classic ''starting dungeon set up''), we have dedicated and similarly focused characters (Starfleet officers) not only working towards the same overall goal (serving the Federation and its ideals through Starfleet) but each having a definite and crucial role within the story (starship rank and duty) and, most of all, a believable and implicit reason to be together and work together.

Sorripto tells us he knows about engineering, science and Trek and use this knowledge to contribute to the story; I am also a lifetime Trekker with knowledge in martial arts, History and sciences: this allows us both to enrich stories through our characters and thus build fun for ourselves by sharing what we love, and thus the fun, with all, players and readers alike.

But such extra knowledge is NOT mandatory for both fun and meaningful contribution: this is the computer age. Anyone can become a Trek expert and a credible-sounding tactician, historian, engineer, doctor or scientist in minutes, at least enough to RP one. The internet provides all the information you might want to write interesting posts with just a few clicks. Just using things like Memory Alpha and Wikipedia will instantly provide ideas and content for posts in a Star Trek story.

Writer's block in LF Star Trek RP is the easiest thing to break : the setting is well established already; then, take your job description (i.e. security), take the plot (i.e. rescue operation) or even just the ship (i.e. tactical sensors), look something up relevant to one (i.e. Memory Alpha: Ambassador class starship) or the other (i.e. Wikipedia: naval rescue operations) or both (i.e. watch some relevant Trek episode) and write it down as your character would say and do it (i.e. ex-convict Andorian shen soldier hard at reforming herself). Et voila! Instant quality post!

Star Trek is richly detailed and expansively developed. It talks about RL science, projected technology and the Human experience (even if you are playing an alien: you're still talking about the human experience but from a specific imaginary angle). Much easier to talk about than some undefined ''magic,'' anachronistic equipment (bola-using druid...) and weird imaginary creatures (what's a Merrow? How does it think, feel? what does it want, do, cope with? etc).

By assuming a specific role in one starship crew, LF RP allows the easiest, most convenient and believable setting for RP. Moreover, the established Starfleet rank structure is easily transposed as, not just some imaginary ''XP points'', but actual goals and rewards for the player as well as their character: through successive stories, the character rises in rank, build both RP experience and character experience, personality, relationships and history until ready to captain a ship (lead a RP story as GM) and bring other players into the fun... or, like Spock, keep to his specific field and become '' the best First officer in Lotus Fleet and best science officer in Starfleet'', as one might prefer.

So people: enjoy!"

Thanks Fleet XO Kheren for your thoughts here!

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