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04-09-2013, 08:52 PM
On the ship selection screen the hanger bay is colliding with the set as current button and a resize is required to bring it above the icon (its dosen't bother me but...).

I can't perform a respec by removing a few skill points from an Admiral skill and putting them in an Admiral skill (even though when I hit apply I am at 300'000 space and 66'000 ground), it displays the error: There was an error when ranking up your skills.

I can send mail with items to myself fine on tribble if that information helps.

Don't know if its suppose to or not but the image at the bank is only showing half a emblem (the bottom half).

And with the UI, its actually not the gaps themselves in the trays that I have a problem with, but the size of the skill icons, they are too small and blur on my screen resolution (1366x768), increasing the UI size solves that problem but the rest of the UI looks to large then.

On the loading screen its not so much the font that bothers me just the way it blends with the rest of the loading screen, but since its a loading screen its not really that bad and its not really that bad in the first place *embarresment* (its not like it could of been changed anyway, that same font is standard thoughout the UI and looks nice in other places).

Also all the icons in the character apperence editor on the loading screen are invisible, but when I click on them they work fine.

Edit: Tau Dewa transwarp, transwarps me to the same place as I used it, but that might be because I haven't levelled reputation to tier 1.

The green font was probably me over-reacting, so the only real problem left is the jagged edges which may not be fixable at all.

Someone also tuned the bloom with LOR update, from a birds eye view from the shuttle transporter pad, the bloom no longer completely hides my character with the same graphics settings due to over intensity, although I have no idea why I was doing that in the first place lol.

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