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04-09-2013, 08:43 PM
Originally Posted by johnharrisonlol View Post
I of course brainstorm about many things related to ground pvp. My idea is to completely change the secondary attack.

Option 1

Automatic vaporize effect under any circumstance. Keep the one attack as is and program the second attack like this to get an instakill. This won't happen enough to be gamebreaking but at the same time keep the weapon slightly overpowered when it does proc. In Future's end we saw a van get vaporized so this would kind of fit cannon Trek in some way.

2.5 percent chance for 5000 exploit damage
Make the secondary attack a 10 second cooldown.

Option 2

Sends target through a localized wormhole that moves them 50 meters from their current position in any direction. Basically the second attack acts as a random ground subspace jump that takes the target out of the fight till they can get back to it.

10 percent chance to send target through a localized wormhole displacing them 50 meters
In this situation make the secondary attack have a 20 second cooldown.

Any other suggestions?

Also on an off topic note please put the shard, cane, and any other non bridge officer featured episode item into the dilthium or reputation system store. I hate waiting a year for any new toons I make to get these items. Even though the cane is somewhat useless now the shard is a must have for ground pvp. Or just put it back into the mission rewards please. If you do go the dilthium store route I think 20k is a fair price.
Option 1 would be a bad idea. The last thing anyone wants is a full premade with these weapons. Option 2 is quite interesting indeed, though it would be problematic for PvE. What if someone did this to Armek or Manus of Borg? A side note, stasis in it's current form should be moved to replace the science kit ability stasis. It would finally make xenobiologist a useful kit.