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Hey guys, a quick question for you all... I have a 2nd Science character that I use for fun and as a way to try interesting things. She acquired a JHEC recently. Would the double A2B build used for the Vet Destroyers work, or should I stick to being a Sci in my RSV?

Here's what I'm thinking as a build:

Skill Planner

Edit: Forgot about my DOffs; 3x Technician, 2x BFI (Purples)

It's not that putting your Sci guy in the JHEC is a problem, it's more that putting your Sci guy in a JHEC and tanking the usefulness of your main damage multiplier (Sensor Scan) and one of your main panic buttons (Scattering Field) is probably not a great idea. YMMV, I suppose, but it just seems to me that putting Aux2Bat on a carrier with a Sci Captain all together loses more than it gains in capability.
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