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Title say it all and solves two problems.

1. The non dropping mk 10 borg medical analyzer from old school cure.
2. Lack of a viable Romulan embassy sci kit for ground pvp

Tachyon Harmonic 4 with 25 percent shields offline 8 second proc instead of 15 percent chance of Tachyon Harmonic 3. Speced up this power should strip around 400 shields and yes some shields speced can reach over 400

Nanite Health Monitor 3 As is

Medical Tricorder 3 As is

Vascular Regenerator 3 As is

Now rather then making this an overpowered med kit on steroids by adding triage add Biofilter Sweep 2 which in stf's would clear assimilation as well as give the team aoe damage resist.

If you are worried about having 2 kits per class available another engy kit should be

Romulan Enemy Neutralization Kit Mk XII

Transphasic Bomb 4 Instead of the standard explosion that has a small aoe have it release aoe shrapnel (80 phy damage times 6) in 6 directions up to 15 meters

Chroniton Mine Barrier 3 As is

Fuse Armor 3 As is

Weapons Malfunction 3 As is

Seeker Drone 2 As Is

Romulan Security Protocol Kit Mk XII

Draw Fire 4 That allows for double the shots of Draw Fire 3 before the power wears off

Stun Grenade 3 As Is

Overwatch 3 As Is

Suppressing Fire 3 As Is

Smoke Grenade 2 As is This would fit the theme of this being a defensive tact kit

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