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Originally Posted by phyrexianhero View Post
Thirdly: while GMs can theoretically do something about it, the silence lasts 24 hours and it seems that it is almost always over before they can do an investigation on it.

I e-mailed a GM once when I got silenced. I was basically told, "Because we're nice, we'll turn off the chat ban early. But we'll do this ONCE. And NEVER again."

It's a load of crock, that's what it is.

Remember: Working as designed.

And Neverwinter is launching with this system at the end of the month.

Originally Posted by adrianm63 View Post
Do you know that theres a chat command that allows you and your friends ban anyone even if that person is offline ,you only need their handle?Do you know that if something can be exploited it WILL be exploited because thats how humans work.
Quoted for truth. You don't even have to be logged in in order to be chat banned. That's how poorly this entire system works.

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