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04-09-2013, 10:50 PM
Short Term:

Bringing back old content: I've already made a topic about this but I'd like to see the old STF's bring back, NOT TO REPLACE THE CURRENT STF's but to add in addition because they were great for story, they added into STO, they explained everything of whats going on in the STF's and in addition they tied things together from tutorial to end.

Long Term:

Adding additional interiors and area's in player starships: Currently there are three area's in a starship, bridge, crew deck, engineering, the bridges are pretty cool but for most of us who do stuff like role playing there is not enough room on our ships if we're doing a crew rp (Crew role play where players play as senior and/or junior officers of a starship.) We need more room, more area's of a starship, and more generic and cannons interiors. Cannon interiors like Sovereign interiors, Galaxy, Intrepid, etc, as well as interiors that would fit for the type of starship like a star cruiser interior, deep space science vessel interior, patrol escort. Also interiors for special ships like the Odyssey class Star cruiser, the Chimera class Destroyer, and the Multi-mission starship, and the Ambassador class starship (Also an Ambassaodor class bridge along with Excelsior class and Movie/TMP Constitution bridge). With this would need additional rooms, area's like the Cargo Bay, the Shuttle Bay, an Astrometrix lab (like the Atrometrics on Voyager and what the Enterprise had in Nemesis and Star Trek Enterprise.) Additional quarters for both VIP's, senior officers (Bridge officers), and Junior officers. A computer core area, an Armory area, useable holodecks (training like what was seen in Of Bajor or recreational area's such as Risa, bajoran/trill hot springs, other places.) a jefferies tube, and for realistic-ness bathrooms. More area's like these would be good to have in STO.