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04-10-2013, 12:01 AM
Another option is getting Conn Officer doffs. It is about the same price wise, and lets you run only one copy of TT. There is a blue Energy Weapons doff that also will reduce the CD on FAW by 7.5 seconds. Again pretty decent. I would suggest looking into those, and hopefully they are within your price range EC wise.

Another thing I would do is look at the Dragon build, which is a favorite of mine. Basically running four EPtX skills.

I use the above doffs along with a Warp Core Engineer, who has a chance to give you 25 bonus power for 8~ seconds after an EPtX skill.

For reference sake here is my own Ody.

Lt Com uni: TT1, ATB1, FAW3

Ensign Uni: EPtW1

Lt. Tac: TS1, ATB1

Com Engi: EPtW1, EPtS2, EPtS3, AtSIF3

Lt. Sci: HE1, TSS2

Console wise, you never want to put universals in your tactical slots, ever. I balance mine between Engi and Sci, though with the Three set, along with the Borg and Zero Point, I only have room for one Field Generator and Neutronium. I do not really notice a problem surviving however.

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