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Originally Posted by atatassault View Post
I'd be inclined to call it "Nuts and Bolts" but that doesn't seem very Star Trek (and may not be immediately obvious)....

Oh, how about "Main Engineering (Classes, Powers, Traits, Mechanics, etc)"?
How about "Nuts and (stem)bolts

Otherwise, I like the overall layout as posted by Bran...
- For the news section, yes a neutral name would be nice and "Q Continuum Daily News" or "Captain's Table Telegraph" as suggested are good examples.
- I do wish for each factions to retain their sub-forum and it seems it will be that way for the convenience of the devs anyway... Feds will not care so much as it's raining in Qo'nos or Klingon care how much Tribble are loose on SFA campus ground.
- Leave how "Feedbacks" is, after all, a dev working on ships mechanics will know where to pick suggestions off instead of browsing a giant feedback overall forum while another dev wanting to change a trait will not want to read through 100s of posts about shield mechanics.
- I agree names for fleet administartion station, use location names... after all, you called it STATION, so go for Earth Spacedock, First City and Mol'Rihan.

Overall, nice reorganization. There will never be a perfect layout but this one starts to be the best setup thus far.


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