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04-10-2013, 05:56 AM
I don't think it's a wise idea to give Romulan players access to it's allies ships, especially given the whole singularity core mechanic they are already going to be receiving.

There is a benefit to keeping ships exclusive to certain factions, regardless of alliance, having both a fed and kdf character at max level is an example of this currently, once you dilute the exclusives of a faction not only are you removing a prime motivator for picking up an alt, it also biases the game itself towards one race.

If we are to swallow the pill that Romulans are indeed a full faction and not just Klingons or Federation characters with an extended tutorial and story, then at the very least they need to be bound by some of the rules the existing factions have had to put up with since launch.

I can understand Cryptic's motivation here, Cstore sales from Romulan players purchasing ships of other factions will generate revenue. This revenue will come at a cost however as the Romulan faction will become artificially inflated with players, and won't actually reflect the playerbase as a whole.

The Romulan faction is becoming the golden child, given benefits the other players that have dedicated 3 plus years won't be receiving, and that's just not cool.

You want us to treat this as a full faction Cryptic, you need to treat it as a full faction too, obeying the restrictions the original factions have lived with from the start, or removing all of the restrictions entirely.