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Originally Posted by tmichc View Post
Hey guys, a quick question for you all... I have a 2nd Science character that I use for fun and as a way to try interesting things. She acquired a JHEC recently. Would the double A2B build used for the Vet Destroyers work, or should I stick to being a Sci in my RSV?

Here's what I'm thinking as a build:

Skill Planner

Edit: Forgot about my DOffs; 3x Technician, 2x BFI (Purples)

Originally Posted by thegrimcorsair View Post
It's not that putting your Sci guy in the JHEC is a problem, it's more that putting your Sci guy in a JHEC and tanking the usefulness of your main damage multiplier (Sensor Scan) and one of your main panic buttons (Scattering Field) is probably not a great idea. YMMV, I suppose, but it just seems to me that putting Aux2Bat on a carrier with a Sci Captain all together loses more than it gains in capability.
You can do it, and do it well, potentially. A2B, pets, and Super Scans (125 aux Sensor Scans) all require micromanagement, so putting all 3 on 1 build is going to be demanding.

My personal opinion is that 2 purple technicians are enough. Shorter abilities like CRF will be a few seconds short of horizontal but the longer ones like RSP and DEM will get the same benefit from 2 purple tech doffs as they do from 3.

In the place of that 3rd tech doff slot a quartermaster battery cd doff. Blues are cheap after the last run on the doff pack and I think purple would be overkill anyway. This is going to give you the aux batt when you need it for SS and SF.

On your build in general, I've dropped EPTA on my double A2B builds, especially with a battery doff. EPTE or EPTW is up to you. Also I start with DEM (and Marion) and only switch RSP in if I can't stay alive.