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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Hi Captains,

Thanks so much for the feedback in this thread. I've compiled it and have come up with the following organization based on it:
Information and Discussion

.<Something> News Network (still taking suggestions for a name)
.Release Notes
.Dev Tracker
.Gameplay Questions (Yes your choice is more canon but you need to have a subforum with "questions" so that people don't post them in random sections)
..Guides. (former stickies, there should be no sticky in the former academy)
.Star Trek Online General Discussion
.Ten Forward
.Role Play Central (why in ten forward? It should be visible on the main board, don't be afraid!)

Support (If you rename the academy, this section could be moved so that support questions don't get posted there).

.Gameplay Bugs
.PC & Technical Issues
.Graphical Issues


.Federation Gameplay
.Klingon Gameplay
.Romulan Gameplay
.PvE queues, Feature Episodes and Events
.PvP Gameplay
..PvP Boot Camp
.The Shipyard
.Builds: Captains and Bridge Officers
.Duty Officer System
.Fleet Holdings System
.Reputation System
.Controls and User Interface
.The Art of Star Trek Online
.C-Store and Promotions

The Foundry for Star Trek Online

.The Foundry For Star Trek Online - Discussion & Feedback
.The Foundry For Star Trek Online - Mission Database
.The Foundry for Star Trek Online - Bug Reports

Fleet Administrative Station

.Starbase One
.New Romulus

Test Servers

.Tribble - Announcements and Release Notes
.Tribble - Bug Reports
.Tribble - General Discussion and Feedback
.Redshirt - Announcements and Release Notes
.Redshirt - Bug Reports
.Redshirt - General Discussion and Feedback
This is by no means final, so I'd like to continue discussing the above, as well as other ideas.

Also, I've reached out to the content devs, and while the majority in this thread wanted to see a merge for the FED and KDF gameplay forums, it's actually better for them if it stays separated.



Brandon =/\=
My suggestions in red and some comments. I think clarity should be valued over canon names.

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