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04-10-2013, 07:39 AM
Just thinking out loud:

- What about a pvp game mode where you have to compete with the enemy faction in order to get to something first, and it's played both in space and ground.

e.g.: FED and KDF start in a space map where they have to reach the position of a huge stranded tholian (or whatever) ship. The faction that first succedes in activating, say three prompts (of course not called like that), without being interrupted and overwhelmed by the other faction, succeeds in getting inside the ship first and therefore wins and upstart in the subsequent map.
As soon as that happens there's a transition to a ground map (stranded ship's interior) where the faction that won before is in defensive position around the great piece of technology that has to retrieve and has to, again complete some lengthy prompts to win, while the other faction has to reach it and wipe them out to take it for themselves. But, hey, watch out for random tholian shock troops still around the ship trying to defend themselves and push away all the invaders!! That could very well disrupt either of the two factions, and both!

Would you like something like that? Does it look possible from a developer point of view? (Personally I don't see why not).