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# 192 Dead?
04-10-2013, 08:02 AM
To explain why ground PvP is dead we would need to ask those who left why, not ask those still playing.

Flavor of the month OP abilities spammed by immature players lacking sportsmanship, manners, dignity, and respect.

Perfect cloaking...this kind of mechanic should be based on skill not a trait and kit that work every time. Other games have cloaking, but if you know where they are you can just kill them easily.

No real sniping, just a 5 meter range bonus and a long shooting animation coupled with a visible targeting laser, lol.

A variety of kits, but not useful ones.

The same emphasis on pet spam that has plagued space PvP.

Giving all players healing nanites, fast recool hypos, set bonus shield heals, and dodge favors the offensive kits.

Giving science like toys to all players that work better than the actual science kits for science captains.

Doffs...on a ship maybe, but on ground?

There are other well done, free to play, balanced PvP games.

STO just lacks the polish in PvP to act as a competitive environment that rewards skill over gear and artificial advantages. Not because it can't, it just doesn't want to.

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