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04-10-2013, 09:26 AM
I own the Fleet Excelsior Retrofit and must confess that despite its looks (which I can live with...)it is hands down one of the best cruisers I have ever flown. I run a cannon/turret +KCB build and with PVP in mind as much as PVE, I do very well in both. Having moved to this from escorts I was at first worried but inevitably, I find myself enjoying this ship much more than escorts in general.

The fourth tac console gives the ship bite and with the right build and set up, it certainly surprises people in PVP who come at me expecting traditional cruiser behaviour only to be met by, as someone in some other thread once called it, an angry little cruiser! The cannon set up allows me to use skills such as TT1, CSV1 and CRFII. Combine this with Alpha strikes; EPTWI, etc... and unlike DHC, the cool down period is unnoticeable. Especially when combing other powers like Go Down Fighting, etc...

Obviously it wont give you the same DPS as an escort, but again, the prolonged weapons fire and reinforcement with Eng and Sci abilities keep you going and make enemies (PVP'rs) think twice from attacking you alone. Unless your a bug ship... though that being said, I got one down to half its hull the other day in PVP and was just about to hit Brace for Impact + Evasive Maneuvers when suddenly a klink decloaked and helped finish me off from behind.

The only other ship that I can possibly bring to the table is the Fleet Imperial Assault Cruiser that unlocks with a Tier 5 shipyard. However, our fleet is two weeks off from that being unlocked and the stats are comparable to the Excelsior bar the BOFF layout (same as the Regent from the c-store) and a turning rate of 8 as opposed to 7 like the fleet Excelsior. More damage possibly from this ship, but as I have never met someone or seen any videos of the fleet variant of this ship in action, I can't say anything further on it.

If you want PM me in game and I'll happily go over the excelsior with you. There is a video that is worth watching too that highlights both a traditional Beam set up and of course an all cannon build:

Best of luck and inevitably, fly what ever makes you happiest!

Edit: I just wanted to say that having the free Tier 5 Ambassador previously there are builds that will support a strong and survivable build. I found it comparable to the excelsior imho. So if you wanted to wait before making a purchase, try spork87's build for the bassy first. It's a great ship in its own right.
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