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OOC: Clear! *Uses defibrillators*

*R.S.S. Republic, Sickbay. Sam is sitting by Matt's bedside as he remains in critical condition. Doctor Andrews walks up to her.*

Andrews: Captain?

*Sam doesn't move, except nudging he head to acknowledge him.*

It's getting late.

Sam: What time is it?

Andrews: 2300.

Sam: 23...?

What are his chances?

Andrews: Captain--

Sam: Just tell me.

Andrews: Right now, it's 50/50. There's a lot of internal damage. I've repaired some of it, but I can only do so much. I've got him on a tricordrazine intravenous, but at the end of the day, all I can do is keep him alive. It's up to him now.

He could wake up today, tomorrow, a week--

Sam: A year? Never?

*Andrews nods.*

So... what? We just keep him hooked up like this forever?

Andrews: The human body is an incredible thing. It can survive when all hope is lost, or it can decide that... life's just too hard to live through... and shut down. Right now that battle's going on inside Captain Forrester. We just have to wait and see.

*The heart monitor starts to pulsate faster. Sam hears it, but sees that Matt's stat screen is unchanged.*

It's Commander Prescott.


*Andrews and a nurse walk over to Prescott as he wakes up. Sam walks over as well.*

Welcome back to the world of the living, Will.

Will: Andrews...? Where am I?

Sam: Aboard the Republic. Your ship warped in a few kilometers from the fleet.

Will: The Neilson...

We... we were attacked by the Orions. We were forced down on a planet in the Badlands to make repairs. After we left, they were waiting for us. Captain Forrester ordered us to abandon ship and set the Auto-Destruct. I stayed behind to make sure he got off. We were hit and... that's all I remember.

Andrews: We picked up 57 survivors from the Matthew Neilson. We've lost 12 of them. I'm sorry, Will. There was nothing I could do.

Will: 45 people...?

What about the Captain?

Andrews: He's still in critical. It's even chances right now as to whether he wakes up or not.

Will: DeFalco? Caliper?

Andrews: Doctor Caliper is fine. She's in Guest Quarters. Commander DeFalco is in critical.

Rescue ships have picked up 127 Survivors from escape pods.

Will: What about the Neilson?

Sam: We can't salvage her. There's too much damage.

Will: I understand.

Captain, I have to speak with you. It's an urgent Tactical matter.

Andrews: It can wait. I don't want you stressing yourself out too much in your present condition.

*He turns to Sam.*

Doctor's orders.

Sam: I agree.

Doctor, keep me up to date.

Andrews: If he wakes, you'll be the first one I call.

*Sam nods before walking out.

When she reaches her Quarters, she reads a status report on the situation with the Empire. She presses a control on the holo-interface.*

Sam: Computer, secure channel to Republic Intel.

Computer: Stand by.

*Admiral Terrace's Flagship. Piett leads Tara onto the Bridge and turns to Terrace.*

Piett: My apologies, Admiral, but she insisted on coming to the Bridge.

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