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Originally Posted by aexrael View Post
That's why one of you lot should take the time to make an Index Sticky. You are welcome to copy/paste the code off this and use it as the foundation. It may need a check over to see if any of the threads linked have been outdated in the past 9 months, and whether any new ones have been posted around the forum.
I have done post indexes before on other forums, for my own topics.

Let me tell you why I'm not volunteering to do it here.

One, it takes a lot of time to update the index with new posts/threads and culling out the outdated ones. You have to find them, get the link, and update the index post by hand. It's a lot of work even if you're just updating an index for stuff you personally post, let alone what everyone else posts here on a daily basis.

I have enough work just being a Mod.

Two, it's ridiculously easy for links to get broken for various reasons.

Three, if the person who created the index quits updating it, then it's dead. Then some other poor soul is stuck creating a new one. Same deal with the actual posts/guides that you link to. Rinse and repeat.

Four, the forum itself IS an index, and it's a lot more efficient than anything you or I could cobble together by hand. It just needs to be organized correctly and that's what we're talking about right now.

If a future version of the forum software allows users to create a "Favorites" list of threads that they can share, that would be way better.
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