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In regards to the "BOFFs, Captains, classes, traits, powers, mechanics, etc." subforum, it turns out we should probably separate this into Space and Ground -- like the content team and separated faction-gameplay forums, this would help the systems team.

the truth is, you could stick anything that will fit in any of your equipment slots and do any of the pve just fine. you don't have to actually make good builds, have good equipment, and create good synergy unless your trying to build a ship that will do well in pvp. so thats why then best mechanics, tactics, and build advice ends up there. best part is, everything that works in pvp will work great in pve, except maybe a sci/sci build to control other player ships.

i haven't seen much in the other sections that is supposed to address these things that i would call good advice, good information or good builds. its all in the pvp section, because you cant get away with sub par wile pvping. the best information is just there.

if the devs arent looking in the pvp section to find out what people are talking about regarding these things, they are looking at the wrong places. i know at least borticus checks the place out.

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I can empathize with that, but if the content team is requesting it and it makes it easier for them to find and act on feedback, we should consider keeping it separate. In the end, players are posting in the feedback forums so that the devs read and consider their feedback -- if this makes it easier for them to do that, it's a win-win for all


For the RP Subforum, what would you think of "Captain's Table"?


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those separate sections are going to be dead zones. im sure they would like to be in charge of monitoring sections that hardly get any posts and almost no traffic. combined they should get a good amount of traffic and an amount of threads created that will still be pretty easy to keep up with.

i think the forum setup needs as much thought to dev preference, as to how many redundant niche sections that would create, and how little that will actually help players, trying to connect player questions with player traffic that can answer those questions. it all sounds like a product ruined by comity wanting arbitrary things, because thats what they like, but not what their consumer would like. if theres to many redundant sections, the forum becomes useless.

Information and Discussion

.Game News
.Release Notes
.Dev Tracker
.Star Trek Online General Discussion and Feedback
.Ten Forward
..Role Play Central


.PVE Story Gameplay
.PVE Qued content Gameplay
.PvP Gameplay
..PvP Boot Camp
.Space and Ships Game Mechanics Help
.Ground and Captain Game Mechanics Help
.Duty Officer System
.Reputation and Fleet Holdings Systems
.Controls and User Interface
.The Art of Star Trek Online
.C-Store and Promotions

ditch the academy too, the game mechanics section should cover everything. the qued content is all basically cross faction, and so is a lot of the story content. really, very little of the story will be unique per factions going forward. the fetured episodes are cross faction, and now the cardasian sector is cross faction. only the kdf war and rom sector missions for fed are unique, the fek'lar and house of martok missions for kdf is unique, and the romulan up to 10, and then beyond that a bit is unique for romulans. how could you possibly justify a section for just the fek'lar and martok missions?
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the pvp build and help thread
gateway links(should actually work now) -->Norvo Tigan, Telis Latto Ruwon, Sochie Heim, Solana Soleus