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04-10-2013, 01:37 PM
Absolute worst.. has to be a Hive Onslaught Elite I joined a couple weeks ago. It took a record 31 minutes to kill the Queen because myself and 2 other player were the aggro-magnets, and we'd EM/DB to get the tribbles out of the engines, heal, then come back. Whew, just thinking of it gives me a headache.

Fleet Excelsior with 1 of EVERY ship injury, most of them maxed out, including ALL criticals: multi-color turrets. Yes, only turrets. EVERY TURRET WAS A DIFFERENT COLOR. The entire rainbow and parts of the rainbow I DIDN'T know were on that ship. Stuck out at 9k rotating CRF1. Got popped I dunno how many times. Never did more than 329 damage on a crit. I checked. Several times. Either troll or failboat.

Lvl.50 Ambassador with 5 minor injuries: 2 energy/3 projectile damage. Fore weapons: Plasma DBB, Phaser DBB, Hargh'Peng, Bio-Neural Warhead; rear weapons: Antiproton turret, Polaron Turret, what looked like the Romulan Experimental Beam Array, and a Transphasic Torpedo. Had quadruple the DPS as the Excelsior idiot, though that's not saying much...

Science Vesta: Rom torp, Cluster Torp, Transphasic Torp + 3 Tetryon turrets and Elite Scorpion fighters. Rotated HY's and CRF1 like mad and kept UM/Queen shields down pretty well. Should've been given a medal for surviving the cruisers core breeching on him several times in a row.

Guramba: 3 Dis DHC's, Rom torp up front, 1 Dis turret in rear + Cluster Torp and Bio-Neural. Extremely competent player, and if you see this: I'm sorry the Queen's tachyon beam wiped your shields and you took an Aceton AoE to the grill when I switched out. :/

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