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04-10-2013, 01:22 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
ditch the academy too, the game mechanics section should cover everything.
Ditching the Academy makes sense if it's not going to be organized properly and just a dumping ground for random questions and outdated stickies.

Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
In regards to the "BOFFs, Captains, classes, traits, powers, mechanics, etc." subforum, it turns out we should probably separate this into Space and Ground -- like the content team and separated faction-gameplay forums, this would help the systems team.

I don't think it makes sense to separate Space and Ground. It seems like a needless irritation for the players, having to divide their questions in two separate threads, when they ask for help/discuss/suggest ect.

New suggestion

Information Network

.Dev Tracker
.Update Notes
.C-Store and Promotions

Feedback & Discussions

.General Discussion (Discussion of news, dev blogs, general stuff not covered by other sections)
.PvE Gameplay (Classes, Ships, BOFFs, traits, powers, builds, mechanics etc.)
.PvE Queued Content (STFs, Fleet Actions, calendar, events, non-story missions)
.Story Missions (All three factions, it is what makes the most sense, despite separate developers in charge of different faction missions, ideally players could label their threads with prefixes of [ROM][FED][KDF] designating the type of content in the thread, some forums already have this feature implemented, but setting it manually can work too)
.Duty Officer System
.Fleet Holdings System
.Reputation System
.PvP Gameplay
..PvP Boot Camp
.Controls and User Interface
.Art, Graphics and Sound

Off Duty

.Ten Forward
..Role Play Central

Fleet Administrative Station

.Starbase One
.New Romulus

The Foundry for Star Trek Online

.The Foundry For Star Trek Online - Discussion & Feedback
.The Foundry For Star Trek Online - Mission Database
.The Foundry for Star Trek Online - Bug Reports


.Gameplay issues
.Graphical Issues
.PC & Technical Issues

Test Servers

.Tribble - Announcements and Release Notes
.Tribble - Bug Reports
.Tribble - General Discussion and Feedback
.Redshirt - Announcements and Release Notes
.Redshirt - Bug Reports
.Redshirt - General Discussion and Feedback