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04-10-2013, 02:31 PM
Feedback Vs. Discussion Vs. Player Guides/Tips



These are make-or-break paradigms for the forum reorg as I see it.

Right now, we have people posting similar topics in different subforums... basically wherever they want based on what they think the subforum is about.

"Oh, I'm posting my Uber-BoP build... it belongs in the Klingon Shipyard!"

I disagree.

We've got people posting Guides, Tips, and Builds in Feedback subforums. Frankly, they don't belong there.

It strikes me that these forums are mostly intended by PWE/Cryptic to be focused on Feedback first, Cryptic-to-Community communication second, and Player-to-Player third.

"Feedback" is not Player-to-Player. It's Community-to-Cryptic. Off-topic discussions that aren't "Community-to-Cryptic" don't belong in Feedback subforums, IMO. This is where the Devs go to find specific feedback and it shouldn't be cluttered up with anything that isn't a Community-to-Cryptic issue.

By the same token, we do need a few subforums that are more Community-Focused.

There's also the fact that players are going to post in the first available subforum that seems to fit what they want to talk about, even if it doesn't. This is why order of subforums, naming of subforums, and description of subforums is very important.

Community-Focused subforums are either Player-to-Player or Cryptic-to-Player communication. It should be clear that these are not intended to be monitored by the Devs for Gameplay feedback. Mods like me should be looking at these for feedback threads/individual posts and relocating them where they need to go.

The Academy was always intended to be for Player-to-Player communication, for example. This is where all of those guides, builds, and tips ought to be put. I concede that we might need to break out "child" forums for various subtypes of "helps". This is a very specific kind of Player-to-Player communication and general discussion topics don't belong here. Questions that only Cryptic can answer belong in feedback subforums.

If you pull out the Academy, where will all of that Player-to-Player stuff go? Cluttering up a feedback subforum.

People who are serious about feedback should seek out an appropriate Feedback subforum. And the Mods should be looking in these subforums for off-topic threads and relocating those.

Now perhaps I'm wrong about this. Maybe it's okay to lump Cryptic-Focused and Community-focused threads together into related subjects. Well then, if that's the case we should get serious about reorganizing it like that. Lose the idea of "Feedback" and "Discussion" subforums and make it all topical. Maybe encourage people to tag their subject lines as [Feedback] and [Discussion], to help the Devs find what they're looking for.
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