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04-10-2013, 01:51 PM
First, let me thank everyone for helping me out here. As for the ship, I think I will be going Excelsior.

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If you want PM me in game and I'll happily go over the excelsior with you. There is a video that is worth watching too that highlights both a traditional Beam set up and of course an all cannon build:

Best of luck and inevitably, fly what ever makes you happiest!

Edit: I just wanted to say that having the free Tier 5 Ambassador previously there are builds that will support a strong and survivable build. I found it comparable to the excelsior imho. So if you wanted to wait before making a purchase, try spork87's build for the bassy first. It's a great ship in its own right.
Okay, I took a look at that vid, and while the cannon build IS impressive, I think I like the broadside ability of the beam arrays better, but I like having a rear torp for those enemies that get behind me or when I feel like using mines, depending on the mood (though I will be doing an all cannon-style science ship when I start a science officer). I also run all phasers just because I like them.

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This is my current Fleet Excelsior, making use of the Attack Pattern Omega:

Almost forgot about the energy distribution: I usually only need 95/30/25/50, combined with a few Effective (Saurian) BOffs.

I hope You do find the tips useful and perhaps we do meet in some eSTF or mission sometime!
I liked the skill set up in the Fleet Excelsior build, but could I exchange a few of the ground abilities? I don't use mines and explosives (my kit has turrets and generators, which I like better), so could I switch that for something like more ground threat control or a space ability?

Also, some else posted this build and I like it, too, but I don't wanna go cannons for it.

Basically, whether I was on ground or in space, I wanted to tank and draw aggro while the DPS players could take care of business, but still be able to hit hard myself (I usually play a DPS character in mmos, but my love of cruisers in this game kinda screws that, ha ha).

Okay, so I have to get rid of subsystem targeting for sure. I wanna keep the shockwave for those moments where I wanna get some enemies away from a friend, or keep them away from a target, but everything else is pretty much changeable.

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Fleet Excelsior or Dreadnaught? Hmmm...

Why not Zoidberg?
If I was running a science ship, I would call it that...