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Originally Posted by born2bwild1 View Post
many of my skills are over 100 - so that means I get extra right? The system does not stop counting effects at 99?
Correct. The numbers work out to flat bonus per point. On the ~amicus list, you'll see what appears to be diminishing returns - but keep in mind - that comes from the amount of skill you receive per rank as you increase that rank.

1-3 is 18 skill per rank
4-6 is 10 skill per rank
7-9 is 5 skill per rank

Going from 7-9 doesn't even provide you the amount of skill you get from going 0-1.

There's diminishing returns on what each rank/level gives you.

But you can keep on adding points - some folks that min/max will be at 250+ in a skill.

Certain skills - which tie into systems with diminishing returns - will experience those. There's DR on hull damage resistance - there's not a DR on damage you're doing to that hull though.
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