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04-10-2013, 05:03 PM
I'd like to offer another suggestion:

Give cruisers a bonus to their base hitpoints, for armor equipped. This has the same practical effect as making the armor more effective because it increases the amount of damage the ship can sustain. You could start at a bonus of 3000 hitpoints per plate of armor, and then increase that up to 6000 hitpoints per plate of armor based on the Armor Reinforcements skill. This is a top tier, very expensive skill so having it pay out big rewards for a specific play style seems fine. A cruiser with 4 plates of armor and maxed out Armor Reinforcements would gain a bonus of 24000 base hitpoints, which is around a 55% increase for a fleet-level cruiser.

This lets cruisers become harder without negatively affecting other ships. It also maintains the existing system that forces cost:benefit decisions between carrying more armor or more of something else, and, increases the relative value of a skill that's currently not worth much.