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04-10-2013, 05:17 PM
Originally Posted by malakhglitch View Post
I also asked what a good end-game ship for a Science Officer was a couple of weeks ago and the most common suggestions were Vesta, Wells and Fleet Nova.
I love playing the regular Nova and Intrepid. Haven't played their T5 or fleet versions nor have i touched the Vesta so can't really comment on that.

Looking at how resilient a regular Intrepid is in Aegis or Reman gear i would play with those before spending a lot of cash on fleet/C-store versions.

When i fly my Intrepid i rarely get killed, in fact i never got killed since last week's update and i tanked gates, tac cubes and donatra.

Edit: why not test the Mirror Deep Space or Mirror Reconnaissance. Not too expensive at exchange last time i checked

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