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04-10-2013, 06:26 PM
It's most unfortunate that in 2409 onwards, a Cruiser class preceding the Galaxy, and even the old Ambassador classes, is superior to these newer ships that were the pride of Starfleet upon their introduction.

I'd say the Excelsior exceeds the Sovereign / Assault Cruisers in this game. An even larger pity because the Sovereigns were the epitome of absolute, cutting edge Starfleet technology and bred for much, much harder combat.

On paper, I'd get my Fed toons on an Excelsior ASAP. But I won't. In my fandom for Star Trek, especially since this game is post TNG/DS9/VOY timeframe, and waaaaayy after Kirk's era, it's unsettling to have the Excelsior being more powerful than the Galaxy and Sovereign classes.

The Galaxy, Sovereign, Galaxy-X, and all their subtypes / refits need a boost.