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Originally Posted by ursusmorologus View Post
3 purple damage control doffs will reduce the cooldown to 7 sec (assuming 3x 35% hits every time). Maybe rework it so each one cuts the recharge by 2 sec, then you can run 3 and get cooldown to 4 sec, or use 5 and get cooldown to zero.
You can't reduce the triggered CD caused by using EPtXA that it causes for EPtXB. You simply can't reduce 2x EPtX beyond that either. Each DOFF just increases the chance for the proc, so to speak, they don't proc additional CD reduction.

It was one of the things I always hated about 3 Ensign Engineering BOFFs...having 3x EPtX would be like trying to juggle 3x Teams - something is always likely to be sitting there and when you need it, you're not likely to be able to use it anyway because of a triggered CD.

edit: By the way via some testing on Tribble...

2x EPtS1: you're going to eat a 10s gap.
EPtS1/EPtW1 (for example): you're going to eat a 25s gap.

If you had perfect procs from DCE DOFFs, you could get the EPtS1/EPtW1 down to the 10s gap. So basically, you're looking at a 10s gap with 2x EPtX or a 10-25s gap with EPtX/EPtY.

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