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04-10-2013, 05:53 PM
OP, it depends on what you really want to do.

If you want to be all about damage as a Sci Officer, put your captain in an Escort. The Feds have a GREAT selection of faction specific escorts to choose from, depending on your tastes. After all, this game is heavily, heavily slanted towards "DPS or Nothing," judging by instance time and kill requirements that permeate this game. I won't blame you for stuffing your Sci Officer in one.

If you want to use alot of Sci abilities, Starfleet has a great stable of sci vessels. Within these ships you'll see different groupings depending on BOFF assignments. The list is here.

In general, there's 3 styles of Sci Vessels, depending on what they're slanted towards.

TAC - A good dose of TAC BOFF assignments. Fleet Nova (Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit) is an excellent example and an actually tempting choice. Other than being the only Starfleet designed Sci Vessel with TAC BOFF slot higher than Lt, it boasts a nice turn rate of 15, which is Escort territory.

ENG - A good helping of ENG BOFF assignments, makes for a much more rugged Sci Vessel and options for toying around more with subsystem power. A good example is the underrated Fleet Adv.Research Vessel Retrofit (Fleet Nebula). Can be made quite rugged, which is a nice plus in PVP and ESTFs. The Fleet Research Science Vessel Retrofit is in a somewhat similar role with the Nebula as having nice Engineering, but it is also more nimbler than the Nebula but less hull. The Fleet Nebula is the closest thing you will have as a Fed in STO to play alot of Sci stuff but still want to have the "feel" of a TNG style of Cruiser. Nothing else in the Fed lineup will bring that immersion.

SCI - All in for Sci BOFF abilities. If you want to sling out Science abilities like Escorts throw out torpedoes and cannon fire, than these ships are what you want. Examples include the Intrepids, Fleet Reconnaissance Science Vessel, and ever popular Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel