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04-10-2013, 06:21 PM
Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
Agreed, lol. Say hello to insane resist stacks from people and even bigger and fatter targets for nukes.

EPTS needs to remain where it is. The other abilities need a buff to EPTS level though.
thats a good way to describe it actually, that 10 second loss of EPtS is basically like getting subnuked, every 20 seconds for 10 seconds. it will literally have the same effect. the #1 danger of SNB is the collapse of your EPtS cycling.

Originally Posted by ursusmorologus View Post
3 purple damage control doffs will reduce the cooldown to 7 sec (assuming 3x 35% hits every time). Maybe rework it so each one cuts the recharge by 2 sec, then you can run 3 and get cooldown to 4 sec, or use 5 and get cooldown to zero.
those doffs just have a chance to reduce the cooldown to about global. additional doffs give additional chances they proc, not additional cooldown. they dont work like tech doffs for example

Originally Posted by je11yfish View Post
That would certainly help to bring the Galaxy out of obscurity. As it is now it suffers from ENG redundancy.
that ocured to me too. even though the glaxy would ever so slightly benefit, im still going to do what i can for this 20 second change to never see the light of day on holodeck. the galaxy most of all will suffer from 10 seconds of vulnerability. all slow movers will be effected most, they cant avoid damage at all, at least escorts and even sci ships can.
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