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Originally Posted by voxinvictus View Post
All of that may be true, but compared to other top end cruisers like the fleet Excelsior or the Odyssey Pack, etc, you lose out considerably on mobility and/or survivability. The Excelsior, for example, has an extra tac console, a Lt Commander Tac seat, 8 turn rate vs 6, higher inertia rating, and 10% more hull and shields. The Galaxy X just isn't a "fleet" calibre ship, though it is perfectly viable vs any PvE content. It loses out similarly to the Odyssey, which again is a T5.5 ship with more consoles, hull and shields on top of its various ship specific consoles.

I'm not saying that the margin is huge, but if I have to choose between the ability to cloak or the ability to transwarp all over the galaxy every 10 minutes, it's an easy choice, and if I have to choose between a spinal lance and actually being able to turn, I know again which one I'd choose.
ok odyssey pack 50 dallor ship and I have one, it turns as bad as the galaxy x, and oddy doesn't seem to last as long, plus with beam arrays turn rate isn't that much of a big deal as far as firepower is concern that is why you have the wider fireing arc, oddy does have more consoles but you use them up for the special consoles, and like I said turn rate is kinda mute with the fireing arc of beam arrays, and I don't know if there bugged or what but I last longer in my galaxy x then my fleet excelsior.