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04-10-2013, 09:13 PM
This is a FANTASTIC change.

Thank you bort...

Don't be detracted by anyone that is going to give you a hard time about the EPTS change.

It is 100% needed. I like 20s up for all skills it adds value to everything... and forces gap in the super resist that is EPTS.

Frankly with all the extra regen options we now have and shields that provide more resist then EPTS... I doubt things will be unbalanced.

Don't be scared off making the changes that need to be made by anyone no matter how knowledgeable they claim to be. I am in fact shocked to see a few wise players not being immensely happy to see healing pushed more toward a cycle system.

100% uptimes require zero skill... now people will be forced to roll resists and perhaps protect themselves in other ways when they know they are in a gap position.

I love it.

I would request that you know look at the team abilities.

A while ago I suggested changing team ability global values and some of the clears they preform.

I am going to paste here out of that thread... I think the combo of what you are doing with EPTX and this idea would make for a super active healing situation that would in fact revive the usefulness of the engi class as well.

Team Skills
- Global reduced to 10s. on All team skills
{This change will encourage the use of all 3 team skill in player builds... and at least increase the perceived value of players running more then one team skill.}
- All Team skill clears pushed to 10s... to unify all 3 team skills with one expected value.
{This change will unify the clear times of all 3 classes of debuffs.}
- Engineering Team; added 10%, 15%, and 20% hull resistance for duration of skill.
{This change will increase the value of Engineer heavy ship types in terms of healing power.}
- Engineering Team; Added Debuff Clear for Aceton beam, and Plasma DOT type effects. As well as a adding a clear for Eject Warp plasma type effects. Remove E Team clear of any sci debuffs such as Viral Matrix.
{This change will simplify the games debuff/clear mechanics by moving all clears to same system skills. E team will clear Engineering level debuffs. This will also revalue Cruiser healer game play by increasing the player appeal of high level E team cleanses.}
- Science Team; Add clear for Viral Matrix to S Team. Also add clears for Tykens rift and Energy siphon (drain mechanic).
{Intended to move Science Debuff Removal to a Science class clear skill.}

Science Skills
- Hazard Emitters; Remove clear of all plasma dot effects as well as clear on Tykens Rift and Energy siphon effects.
{This change would retain Hazard Emitters as the main sci based hull heal, however it would move the cleansing effects to either Engineering or Science teams. Reducing overall game debuff removal, and increasing the value of support role builds.}
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